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Advanced First Aid Kit: 12 Essential Items

Junctional Tourniquette
SAM Junctional Tourniquet (Complete Kit)

Skin Stapler
Surgical Skin Stapler with 35 Wide Staples (medline)

Israeli plasters
Emergency Bandage® – Military AKA THE ISRAELI BANDAGE®

Survival med Handbook

Silver Gel
Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel

Breast seal
SAM Chest Seal COMBO (adhesive dressing with Valve)

Survival Tools

Prepared Heat non reusable warmth covering

Flashlights & Navigation

Food preparation Systems

Zipstitch- Advanced Wound Closure Device

Help Roll
Complete FIRST AID RED ROLL System (including 2 Vinyl Modular sections

SAM Chitosan hemostatic clothing
SAM Medical Hemostatic Dressing Chitosan


Smooth Saws
Silky Saws

SAM Splint (36 Inch) Tactical

Survival Gear/ Misc
Protection/ Hunting

Premade Medical sets*&type=article,page,product

Water Filtration
Water Filtration

Clinical Shear Multitool

Sanctuary and also Sleep Systems

Hygiene | Toilet Paper Tablets!

Gasmasks and also Protective Equipment
First Aid

#Prepper #medicalkit #IFAK
In this video clip I show 12 important as well as unusual clinical preparations

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE/ Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

Silver Wound clothing
Medline Silver infused Antimicrobial Bandage

Tactical Tourniquette
SAM Medical XT – Tactical Tourniquet

Hemorrhaging control package
SAM Medical Bleeding Control Kit

Fire Starting
Fire Making

Emergency Situation Food Supplies
Freeze Dried Survival Food