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Will It Fit? ITS Medical Products

Today Bryan provides a take a look at the different packages and also bags that compose the ITS Medical Item schedule as well as showcases what will certainly fit inside what.

ETA Trauma Kit – http://bit.ly/2Z4qqXQ
Fatboy Pouch – https://bit.ly/3hi29n7
Tallboy Pouch – https://bit.ly/3gfLXSf
EDC Trauma Kit – http://bit.ly/2ZNfV85
Slimline Pouch – http://bit.ly/2Jv3vNe
ITS First Aid Kit – http://bit.ly/2kJGv31
Blood Loss Management Kit – http://bit.ly/2TSdFNk
Nylon Zip Bag – http://bit.ly/2LwK1Ji
Gadget Lite – http://bit.ly/370A9yv
Foldanizer – http://bit.ly/2V7OTKK
TourniQuick ® Pouch – http://bit.ly/2T7d5IT